Piercing During Monsoon: Do not get the piercing done by mistake in the rainy season, these 5 problems will happen


Getting a piercing brings a funky change to your look. But piercing the ear, nose, or any part of the body is not an easy task, with it comes many responsibilities, such as taking care of the skin for several days. It can also cause infection, especially during the rainy season.

Another important thing is to decide when to get the piercing done. The season in which you get the piercing done will tell you how quickly your skin heals. For example, during the winter season, the body recovers quickly, so during this time, you can avoid many problems related to piercing. At the same time, there is dryness in the air in the summer season, so swelling can be avoided. However, one season in which you should avoid piercing is the rainy season.

Let's know what kind of problems come from getting the piercing done in the rainy season.

1. Swelling: If you get a piercing done in the rainy season, then the possibility of swelling will increase for the first 3-4 days at the piercing site. Which is a natural physiological response to excessive bleeding in any part of the body. The rainy season makes this swelling more severe, due to which the pain starts.

2. Inflammation: Hot and wet conditions can be a thriving place for infection, leading to swelling in the affected area. In addition, moisture and excessive sweating can clog the pores of the skin with oil and dirt. Due to which there is increased pain, swelling, and redness in the piercing area.

3. Rashes: Prickly heat occurs during the summer season, which worsens with sweating. Itching starts on the piercing and if you scratch, then the fear of infection increases.

4. Pus: Staph bacteria are common during the rainy season, causing pus problems. When pus occurs, the body employs white blood cells, WBCs fight bacteria. But the layer gets deposited on the skin, consisting of dead bacteria, skin, and white blood cells, which leads to pus. This swelling and pain work to increase the discomfort of the piercing.

5. Eczema: This condition can make the skin dry, flaky, scaly, and itchy. Changes in temperature and humidity are common causes of eczema, and sweating due to hot conditions makes the condition worse. If the piercing becomes affected by eczema, the pain can be unbearable.