Personal Experience: You must know about these side effects of body waxing


If you are going to get married soon, then you must know about its side effects before taking body wax service in the bridal package.

Waxing is considered the most prevalent and affordable way to remove hair, but if you are crazy about body wax, be careful, because its side effects can also be seen. Every woman's skin type is different. Some women have more sensitive skin and may have swelling, redness, or pains as a side effect after having their body waxed. I want to share a personal experience with you. At that time, I was very excited about my wedding preparations.

Take the service of Bridal Makeup Package thoughtfully

When I asked about the Bridal Makeup Package in a beauty parlor near my home, she also offered services like Gold Facial, Hair Cut, Bridal Makeup along Body Wax Service. Before this I had not got body wax nor did I know about it. I loved knowing about their package services and I said yes to it. Although I was already doing facials and hand and foot waxing, I did not realize that body waxing could have side effects and I did not notice it. Usually, at the time of marriage, the skin is seen glowing, this is the focus, and keeping this in mind, I said yes to take all the services. If you are going to get married soon, do not make such a mistake and take full information about the services of the bridal package.

Unbearable pain during body wax

When body wax started, I had terrible pain during that time. Even the tears came out of my eyes due to pain during waxing. I was not mentally prepared for such experiences. Even after waxing, I felt a lot of pain in different parts of my body. I felt that this pain would be cured in some time.

Unable to wear dresses with embroidered

After marriage, I found that body wax on my back and arms was constantly causing itching and irritation, as well as having trouble wearing embroidered blouses and saris due to rash. I got these blouses stitched from a good teller at Chandni Chowk, but I was not able to wear them due to irritation on the skin. It was really difficult for me to meet new people and sit calmly in my in-laws wearing new saris during that time.

Information about the side effects of body wax was not available from the beauty parlor

During the body wax, no information was reported about its side effects in the beauty parlor. In your marriage, you should not face this kind of experience, for this, you must know about the side effects of waxing.

Learn about these side effects of body waxing

  • Sensitive skin lesions can occur during body waxing, which can also cause bleeding.
  • Sensitive skin takes longer to fully normalize after body wax compared to normal skin.
  • When waxing occurs on the body, there is a stretch in the skin along with the hair, which affects the skin. Because of this, the skin tightness may get loosened in the long term.
  • Skin irritation may be felt due to waxing. Due to waxing, some parts of the skin may become black and dark spots may appear. Waxing can also make the skin dry and hard. Due to waxing, the pores of the skin open, and this increases the risk of skin infection in the skin.

After knowing about these side effects of body waxing, you too should be aware of this and if you are going to get body waxing, then pay attention to extra skincare. Also, make sure that after this procedure the skin remains healthy and safe from any kind of infection.