People come to drink poisonous snake blood and poison in this restaurant, yet death does not happen…


There are many such strange foods in different parts of the world which people eat with great fervor. China is at the top of food consumption. People here eat even dogs and cats. Similarly, Taiwan is also fond of eating strange foods. One such quaint restaurant is Huaxi Night Market in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, in which snake drinks are served among people. Located in Side Alley, this restaurant is known as Snake AlleyWay. In this restaurant, people are first given to drink the blood of poisonous snakes, then drink them, which have different bodyparts of the snake. This drink contains snake venom, snake pinus wine, snake intestine, etc. It is claimed that drinking this drink improves people's health.

Why don't people die from poison?

In such a situation, the same question now arises in our minds that why people do not die even after eating snake venom and its body parts. The protein that makes up snake venom breaks down when found in alcohol so that it is no longer poisonous. In such a situation, people can easily drink snack drinks.