OnlyMayHealth teaches millions of ways to live healthy lives through Master Class


The most famous and number one website of health and health in India, ONLIMAYHealth, celebrated World Health Day differently on 7 April this time. On Wednesday, on the occasion of World Health Day, Jagran New Media's Health Vertical OnlyHealth had organized a special program to make people healthier and health-conscious. The event, titled 'OnlyMyhealth Master Class', held 7 sessions of webinars in which renowned doctors, fitness experts, nutritionists, and writers from across the country told people how to stay healthy and healthy. Apart from this, all the experts also answered the questions of the people.

In the first session, famous drink expert Vesna Jacob told the people the ways and benefits of exercising while drinking. In the second session, Senior Gynecologist Dr. Deepika Agarwal told that if a woman or man is planning pregnancy, then what should they take care of. In this session, he also gave tips to control problems related to pregnancy such as PCOD, obesity, PCOS, etc. The third session was from the famous dietician Swati Bathwal, in which she gave a recipe for some healthy foods and suggested ways to make food healthy.

In the fourth phase, Dr. Rommel Tikku gave the essentials and tips for the prevention of the coronavirus, the most burning issue in the world. In the fifth session, gynecologist Dr. Aruna Kalra spoke on sexual problems. In this session, many readers asked Dr. Kalra about their sexual problems, while answering which they also broke many myths related to sexual health. In the sixth session, fitness coach Yash Vardhan Swamy spoke on topics such as diet, exercise, stress management, essential for body transformation and fitness. The last seventh session was quite exciting as the session was by renowned author and Instagram celebrity Ashish Bagrecha, in which he discussed topics on how to be mentally healthy and how to avoid overthinking, depression, stress, etc.

Megha Manager, business head and editor of OnlyMayHealth said, "The love we got from the audience at the OnlyMayhealth Master Class held on the occasion of World Health Day is unprecedented. This webinar was also live on the Facebook app as well as on Facebook and YouTube. Gaya, where millions of people have joined and cheered us. ONLIMAYHealth has been providing true and authentic information about health and health to people for the last 11 years and we will continue to organize such webinars going forward.

He said that all these sessions are present on the online health website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel so that other people who could not participate in this program can also take advantage of it. Let me tell you that more than 4 million readers and viewers are connected with ONLIMAYHEALTH via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This website publishes articles and news related to health in both Hindi and English languages ​​as well as the views and tips of health experts from all over the world through videos and live programs.