Onion Juice For Hair: If you are troubled by falling hair, then treat your hair with onion juice.


Onion is a treasure trove of medicinal properties. Onion, which enhances the taste of food, is very useful for skin and hair. Onion has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, anti-oxidant, and anti-carcinogenic properties, which treat many diseases. The use of raw onion makes the hair longer, applying it to the scalp is very beneficial. The sulfur present in onions nourishes the hair roots, which helps in hair growth. Onion juice is very useful for increasing the length of the hair. Due to the anti-bacterial properties present in onion, it helps in preventing hair fall, removing dandruff and scalp infections. Let us know what are the benefits of onion juice for the skin.

Onion Juice Treats Skin Allergies:

If you have any kind of allergy to your skin, then you should treat it with onion peels. Soak onion peels in water overnight and clean the skin daily with this water, you will get relief from skin allergies.

Onion juice makes hair beautiful:

If you use many types of conditioners to bring shine to the hair, then forget them now and wash the hair with water from onion peels. This will make your hair soft and shiny.

If there are spots on the skin, then use onion juice:

You can use onion juice to get rid of facial blemishes. For this, mix turmeric in onion peel and apply it to the stained area. Soon you will see the difference.

Improves blood circulation:

Onion juice is rich in sulphur, which improves the blood circulation of the scalp and helps in making new hair stronger from the root.