One such mysterious creature of the world, who can live without breathing


It is very difficult for any animal or human to be alive without breathing. We all know that no one can live without oxygen gas through the breath. But recently scientists have found such a mysterious organism (parasite), which is alive on earth even without breathing. It is the first such creature in the world, which has this unique feature inside it.

Explain that this multicellular parasite resembling jellyfish does not have a mitochondrial genome. The mitochondrial genome is very essential for any organism to breathe. For this reason, this parasite does not need oxygen to stay alive. Teams of researchers from Israel's Tel-Aviv University have discovered this amazing and mysterious parasite.

According to the researchers, this parasite receives energy from fishes. But during this, he does not harm them in any way. The special thing is that fish also do not harm this parasite. These parasites are found in salmon fish and remain alive as long as the fish remains alive.

The scientific name of this organism is Hennyguya salminicola. The head of research, Dianna Yahlomi, said that this organism is not harmful to humans or other living beings at all. However, until now it remains a mystery how such an organism evolved on Earth, which can live without oxygen.

During the research, scientists viewed the parasite with a fluorescence microscope, in which they did not show mitochondrial DNA. After this situation became clear that it is the first such creature in the world, which does not have to breathe to live. However, in 2010, researchers in Italy found a similar organism, which clearly did not show mitochondrial DNA. His source of energy as hydrogen sulfide. But this newly found organism does not even need hydrogen sulfide.