OMG! This coffee is made from elephant dung! You will be shocked to know the price


There are such things in this coffee that hardly anyone will buy it, but even then it remains the choice of the people even after being more expensive.

Called Black Ivory Bland, made in northern Thailand, this coffee is made from seeds included in elephant potty. For this, coffee beans are fed to Thai elephants first. Elephants eat raw beans, digest it, and drop the droppings.

Coffee seeds are found in this scat. The mahouts or trainers of elephants perform the task of extracting seeds from the droppings. The seeds are dried in the sun and then ground.

The price of this coffee is 1100 dollars i.e. 67000 rupees per kg. It is prepared on a very large scale in Thailand. It is not bitter. It is said that during digestion, the elephant's enzymes break down a lot of protein, thus eliminating its bitterness.