OMG! This buffalo is worth 15 crores, drinks 1 kg of ghee, and eats almonds!


You must have heard of many animals, which are unique in themselves. But today we are going to tell you about a buffalo which costs 15 crores.

This is because in 6 years this buffalo has achieved good stature. Jawahar Jahangir, the owner of this buffalo, told that the weight of this buffalo is 1300 kg. Every month the buffalo's food costs Rs 1 lakh.

You will be surprised to know the diet of this buffalo. This buffalo eats about one kg of ghee, honey, milk, and cashew-almonds, about half a kilo of butter every day. Along with this, this buffalo is also massaged with mustard oil.

Bhima is 6 years old and has 4 men to take care of him. We have attained a much larger height than other buffaloes and the height of this buffalo is about 6 feet and length is 14 feet.

This buffalo is used for the conception of a buffalo to produce a buffalo.