OMG: The price of one kilogram of this tea leaf is nine crores rupees!


Most people like to wake up in the morning and drink tea first. Tea serves to relieve laziness. Many types of tea are available in the world, but have you ever thought that the price of one kilogram of tea can be nine crore rupees?

a-hong Pao tea found in China is among the most expensive teas in the world.

According to the news, the price of this tea in ​​China is nine crore rupees per kilogram. This tea is cultivated in the Wuisen area of ​​Fujian, China. Many types of properties are found in this tea leaf.

This tea from China is also called Jeevandayini. It is said that many types of serious diseases are cured by taking this tea. The leaves of this tea are produced in very small quantities. This is also a reason for it being expensive.