OMG! The plane was in the sky, the engine was shut down, then Ratan Tata saved everyone's life in this way


According to Ratan Tata, at the age of 17, he was in college. During that time he was learning to fly aircraft with some of his friends.

new Delhi. There are many interesting stories related to the life of Ratan Tata, a big businessman and former chairman of the Tata group. He tells these things to the world himself. One such story he has recently told in a channel show. According to him, when he was 17 years old, he was in an aircraft, which was left to crash. He told in the show how he saved the plane from crashing and beat death.

According to Ratan Tata, at the age of 17, he was in college. The age of 17 was considered a valid age for obtaining a pilot's license to fly an aircraft. He told that at that time it was not possible for him to rent a plane every time for the practice of flying the plane. In such a situation, he told us that he talked to his friends. They were also learning to fly a plane. Ratan Tata told him that if you want to fly the plane, then let's go. I will give you some part of the fare. He is always ready for such help.

After this, all the planes started flying. Everyone was very happy. Meanwhile, the engine of his aircraft broke down. Before that, the aircraft also moved rapidly. Everyone was very upset by this. Nobody was saying anything. After some time the plane crashes.

In such a situation, Tata began to think about how he landed the aircraft safely. Later he was successful in bringing the plane to Earth. He says that human beings should work in peace during difficult times.