OMG! The lamps are burned with water in this wondrous temple! Click here to know the secret behind it


This whole world is full of miracles. Some miracles are difficult to believe. You will find many such miracles in the temples, which science does not even have the answer to. Today we are going to tell you about such a miracle in which there is a temple in which water is needed instead of oil to light a lamp.

Near the village of Ghadia, about 15 km from Nalkhed village on the banks of Kalisindh river, is known as Gatiaghat Wali Mata Ji. People come from far and wide to see the wonders of this temple. Lamps are lit in this temple not with ghee but with water. How can there be a fire in water because it serves to extinguish the fire? Everyone is surprised thinking this. This sequence is not going on today but for the last 5 years.

By pouring water into the lamp, it becomes viscous like any fluid, due to which it keeps on burning continuously. The priest, who worshiped in the temple, Siddhusinhji says that earlier the oil lamp used to burn on this temple. But about five years before today, Mother came to me in the dream and said that you now light a lamp of water.

When the priest Siddhusinh Ji lit the lamp with water, it was ignited. Since then, the lamps are lit by the waters of the Kalisindh River. The lamp is lit by the waters of the Kalisindh River. This lamp does not burn during the rainy season because the temple gets submerged due to rising water levels at that time. Because of which there is no worship here.