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There are many questions that science does not even have answers to, and these are also exploits. Today we are going to tell you about one such miraculous temple where you will be surprised to hear about the exploits.

There is a famous temple of Hanuman ji in Mohas village, about 35 km from Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. People here suffer from orthopedics more than any hospital. People especially those suffering from orthopedics come here and go happily recovering. Many patients come here on a stretcher, then someone is brought in an ambulance. But here people suffering from orthopedics get cured by the divine power of Lord Hanuman.

Drugs are fed in Prasad

Devotees come here if they get fractured in some kind of accident and sit in the shelter of Bajrangbali. Just carry on the task ahead. By chanting the name of Ram, all the crises go away. In the temple, the priest gives herbs to such people in offerings.

In the temple premises, it is advisable to close the eyes of the victim and chant the name of Ram. The medicine given to the victim has to be chewed and eaten. Sufferers recover from this. For many years, this temple is treated in the same way after the Haradi breakdown.

Treatment is free

In the temple of Hanuman Ji, devotees are treated free of charge. Only the victim has to come here. Many devotees donate money to the temple's donation box with their faith. On Tuesday and Saturday, lakhs of devotees come to get their broken bones fixed.

How to reach- There is a railway route to Katni district headquarters of Madhya Pradesh, it can be reached by rail. Buses also ply. After this, one can go by private vehicle or bus facility from Katni to visit the Hanuman temple in Mohas village.