OMG: Doctors extract 20 live insects from one man's eye


In a strange case that surfaced in China, doctors removed 20 live insects from a man's eye. 60-year-old Wan from China was suffering in the eyes. He told me that he first felt that the pain in the eyes was due to fatigue. The pain in his eyes increased day by day. After this, when Van showed his eye to the doctors, he was stunned.

According to Khaleej Times news, the doctors at Sujo Hospital underwent a thorough medical examination and removed at least 20 living insects from under the eyelid. Doctor Xi Ting underwent Wan's eye surgery to remove the worm. He reported that insects named Nematode were present in Van's eyes. According to doctor Xi Ting, these insects named nematodes are found in sick dogs or cats.

Doctors reported that it takes 15 to 20 days for the larvae of dogs to develop into worms. The doctors are not yet able to understand how the insects have reached under the eyelid. Wan told the doctors that there is neither a dog nor a cat at his house. In such a situation, the doctors are speculating that when Van has gone out to work, then the insects may have gone into his eyes.