Offbeat: Doing these 19 things is a sin in Hinduism! Click here to know


Religion is a set of beliefs that guide a person on how to live life ideally. It involves restricting a person from doing things that are not good for him or the society. It tells us how to do things properly.

Hinduism also has a set of beliefs and imposes certain restrictions on us so that we can live an ideal and healthy life. We will try to list everything that is not allowed in Hinduism.

. Hindus are not allowed to eat cow meat as cow is considered the most sacred animal.

2. It is also not allowed to kill a cow as it is considered one of the biggest sins.

3. It is forbidden for both men and women to have any kind of relationship outside of marriage.

4. Premarital sex is not allowed for both men and women.

5. After consuming alcohol and / or eating non-vegetarian food, one should not enter the temple until you bathe.

6. Women are not allowed to enter temples during menstruation.

7. People of certain castes are not allowed to eat non-vegetarian food. Brahmins, weavers, Vaishyas etc. are included in this.

8. No one is allowed to kill innocent people.

9. Hurting others physically or emotionally is considered as a sin.

10. He should always be right in thoughts, words and actions.

11. Food should not be wasted.

12. The elders, including parents and teachers, should not be disrespected even by mistake.

13. Animals should not be misbehaved.

14. Eating vegetarian food is called. Because killing animals is considered as a sin.

15. Stealing in any form is considered wrong.

16. Lying is considered a sin.

17. Misuse or taking bribe is also a sin.

18. Non-vegetarian food should not be eaten on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and some other festival days.

19. You should not cut hair or nails on Saturday