Nutrition and diet benefits:-Want to get glowing skin so include these gut-friendly foods in the diet


More than half of the disease is due to the lack of a healthy stomach. Not only this, to get glowing skin, it is very important to have a healthy stomach. Pimples, rash, or other problems start on the face due to lack of a clear stomach. This is the reason why most doctors recommend staying away from junk or oily food to keep the stomach healthy. Let us know that there are many such germs in the stomach, which spoil not only the physical but also the beauty of the skin.

For glowing skin, it is important to choose foods that are beneficial for your stomach. If you also want to get rid of skin problems and have glowing skin, then include these gut-friendly foods in your diet. If you wish, you can include the foods mentioned here in the morning meal.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk is considered helpful in clearing the stomach. Apart from clearing the stomach, turmeric milk can also be helpful to get relief from the problems associated with it. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for the skin. The anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties present in it help in fighting acne and enhance the complexion. Not only can this, drinking it before going to bed at night cure insomnia. Let us know that it is very important to have better sleep for glowing skin.


Walnuts have chemical properties that boost billed circulation. They help in bringing oxygen and nutrients to all types of cells. Circulation also helps to naturally glow the skin. Not only 3 to 4 walnuts every day will not only help to keep your skin healthy, but they will also keep the stomach healthy. Not only this, but it is also helpful in weight loss due to having ingredients like good fat, fiber, and protein.


In addition to millet, fiber is also rich in zinc, which slows the aging process in the skin. Apart from this, stomach problems like constipation, acidity, or other problems can also be overcome by its use. Millet is rich in vitamin C and E, which act as a natural sunscreen and protect your skin from damage. Roti or otherwise, millet can be added to the diet.

Flax seeds

Flex Seeds is full of fiber that helps your digestive system to function properly. Just drink plenty of fluids with it. The special thing is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are fish oil. Most people are not able to eat fish, so it would be enough to consume one teaspoon of flax seeds. If you consume flax seeds instead of using a chemical-rich product, you can get glowing skin.


By consuming buttermilk, not only can you get glowing skin, but other problems can also be overcome. In addition to incorporating it into the diet, many women also use it to make face packs. Along with removing dead skin, it also cleanses the complexion. Apart from this, buttermilk contains a lot of acids that work against bacteria and helps in the digestion of the stomach.