Note : If you are going for a walk after getting the vaccine, then keep these 4 things in mind


Tourist places have opened once again for the people who love to travel. Due to the second wave of coronavirus in India, almost all the states had imposed strict lockdown in their respective places, due to which tourists were also unable to come anywhere. At the same time, now the second wave of corona seems to be weakening gradually. In such a situation, again tourists are reaching to roam from the mountains to other places. In the midst of all this, people are also being made aware to get the vaccine to avoid corona and now people are also getting the vaccine when their turn comes. In such a situation, if you are going somewhere after taking the vaccine, then there are some things that you have to pay attention to. So let's know about those things that you do not have to ignore even after taking the corona vaccine.

Watch out for side effects

Although side effects start appearing within 24 hours after applying the vaccine, if you are going to roam immediately after applying the vaccine, then you do not have to ignore the side effects. If you have weakness, fever, headache, etc. So take the medicine given by the doctor and take a rest. With this, your side effects will go away quickly. If your discomfort worsens, contact your doctor immediately. Do not ignore these things while traveling.

wear a mask

Many people are seen doing many careless things after applying the vaccine, such as not wearing a mask, which is completely wrong. You must wear a mask. If you are going somewhere after applying the vaccine, then wear a mask. Also, wear a double mask if possible, it gives you more protection than a single mask.

keep social distance

Suppose you have been vaccinated, but this does not mean that you will not keep a proper distance from people. If you are going somewhere after applying the vaccine, then stay away from crowded places and keep a proper distance from people. Make yourself and your children follow this too.

keep washing your hands

If you have got the vaccine, it does not mean that you cannot get infected with corona. In such a situation, you have to keep cleaning your hands properly with soap or sanitizer. At the same time, taking a bath after coming from outside is a better option. Corona can enter our body only through our hands. That's why it is important to keep hands clean.