Not only women but men also face periods, research revealed


Who does not like the full moon? Many poets wrote poems on the full moon. Many of the songs in the Indian film world have been written keeping the moon in the center. At the same time, research has revealed a shocking. This research was done by scientists from Tunisia and Qatar. Research has shown that testosterone and cortisol in the body of a man increase on the day of the full moon. Due to this, stress increases in men, due to which they also have periods.

Till now, it was known that due to the influence of the gravity of the moon, tidal ebb on the earth. This causes the water of the sea to climb in the direction of the Moon's gravitational effect. At the same time, according to this research, the effect of the moon is not limited only here. It also has effects on our body. Scientists also reported that many hormonal changes take place within men on the full moon day.

Due to these hormonal changes, men do not sleep at night. Testosterone, called sex hormone, is increased. The amount of stress-enhancing hormone within the blood begins to increase. There is an increase in cortisol that increases stress.

This research was carried out by scientists from Tunisia and Qatar. The research was carried out at the Research Center in Tunisia and Qatar. After the results of the research, scientist Ismail Derga, who was part of the research, said that for this research, we examined the blood of men on the full moon day as well as the rest of the days. The results that followed were truly shocking.

We have seen a lot of changes in the blood samples of men on the day of the full moon and the rest of the days. The amount of testosterone and sleep hormone in his blood sample on the full moon night was quite low. At the same time, there was an increase in the amount of cortisol called the stress hormone.