Not only gas, but these reasons can also cause flatulence, you can get rid of it with these measures


The gas produced in the stomach every time is not responsible for flatulence or bloating, but it can be due to many reasons. Due to bloating, the stomach feels full, neither does it feel hungry nor does it feel good to eat. The size of the stomach seems to be huge. So what are the reasons for this problem and what is its solution, you will know about it today?

1. Our diet- Gas formation in the stomach is the first reason for flatulence. Whose stomach feels heavy and sometimes there is very severe pain. Some things in our diet like black gram, things made from gram flour, gram dal, beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, all these things make gas, so do not consume them in large quantities.

2. Eating late at night- There should be a gap of at least one to two hours between eating dinner and sleeping. If it is not so, then there will be a problem of flatulence because when you eat late at night and go to sleep soon after that, then the food does not get time to digest and that is the reason for flatulence, gas, acidity, and constipation. There is a problem.

3. Drinking water while eating- Often people keep drinking water along with eating food. This habit can also be responsible for the problem of excessive gas formation and bloating. Therefore, do not drink water while eating food or immediately after it. Keep in mind that if you have to drink water, then drink it 30-45 minutes before meals or 30-45 minutes after. With this, your diet will be digested properly and there will be no problem of gas or heaviness in the stomach.

4. Not exercising- Exercising is very important for the nutrients present in the food to be absorbed well in the body. Do exercise in the morning or evening whenever you get time. Select the exercise according to your ability. If you can not go to the gym, then by jumping rope, climbing stairs at home, fitness and digestive system can be kept fit.