Not getting full sleep can be harmful for the heart, increases the risk of heart attack


It is necessary to get enough sleep for good health. One should sleep 7 to 8 hours per day. Not being able to get enough sleep affects our entire routine, neither we are able to work on time nor do we exercise at the right time or breakfast, which adversely affects our health. Not sleeping at the right time or waking up late at night, not only causes minor health problems but also increases the risk of many serious diseases. Our body functions according to a biological clock. When we do not sleep or eat at the right time, this cycle of the body worsens, causing many kinds of troubles.

In today's time, people are not able to get proper sleep even due to work pressure. For people who work in night shifts, this problem increases even more. In today's time, most of the youth, even young children, stay in mobile or laptop for hours, due to which they stay awake till late at night. Insomnia is a problem due to lack of sleep at the right time, due to which many diseases start taking birth.

People who are unable to get full sleep due to any work or do not sleep on time due to negligence have bad effects both physically and mentally. Such as irritability due to lack of sleep, stress, inability to take decisions, physical fatigue, etc. Not only this, but there is also an increased risk of getting many serious diseases.

In the absence of sleep, it affects the entire routine, due to which it has a very bad effect on blood pressure problem (blood pressure), heart-related disease as well as the brain. Due to lack of sleep, our body is not active, due to which blood flow is obstructed, and the risk of heart attack increases. Today, poor lifestyle is also a major reason for heart-related problems in youth for up to 35 years. Improving your lifestyle is necessary to keep the heart-healthy.