New strains of Corona have increased concern, know from experts how effective are indigenous vaccines on them?


The second wave of Coronavirus has engulfed all parts of the country. Alam is that now more than three and a half million infected patients are being exposed daily. Not only this, compared to last year, this time the number of people who died of infection is also higher. Experts say that mutations and new strains of coronavirus are more dangerous than before, due to which this time cases of infected are seeing a boom.

To overcome the pace of corona in the country, the government has also increased the speed of vaccination. However, now the question in the minds of the people is that even after vaccination, will they be able to stay safe from the new strains of the virus? Is this vaccine effective on new strains as well? Let us know about this from the experts.

Two vaccines of Corona are being given in the country

Two indigenous vaccines - Kovaxine and Kovyshield are being used in the country to combat corona infection. It is mandatory for all people to take two doses of the vaccine according to the government's instructions. The second dose is being given 28 days after the first dose. According to experts, the first dose of the vaccine produces antibodies in the body, while the second dose boosts these antibodies.

Is the vaccine effective on all variants of the virus?

In this regard, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director Dr. Balaram Bhargava says that vaccines made in India are effective on all mutant variants found in India along with UK, South Africa, Brazil. Pune's National Institute of Virology has examined the vaccine on all the variants. We have seen good results.

Corona's triple mutation variants have been found in India

In India, cases of variants of Corona with double and triple mutations have been reported so far. The variants with triple mutations of Corona have been confirmed in West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Delhi. Variants with double mutations are considered more contagious, while scientists are conducting studies regarding variants with triple mutations.

Should people who are cured of Karana also get vaccinated?

To know about this, we spoke to Dr. Ajit Singh, a cancer pathologist at AIIMS. Dr. Ajit Singh explains that the body of people who get corona infection, by itself, prepares an immune response against the virus. Such people automatically get antibodies in their body which are enough to protect them, but it is seen that these antibodies are destroyed after two to three months. Apart from this, vaccination is also necessary for those who have recovered from the corona to remain safe from new variants of the virus.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of a statement by Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director, ICMR, and a conversation with Dr. Ajit Singh, a cancer pathologist.

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