New guidelines for wedding ceremony released in UP, band, and DJ not banned!


Seeing the outcry from Corona in different states of the country, the Yogi government has issued very strict guidelines regarding the involvement of people in wedding ceremonies in the state. According to which, now a maximum of 100 people can attend wedding ceremonies in the state. At the same time, a marriage hall with a capacity of 100 people can accommodate only 50 people at a time. Banning of bands and DJs at the wedding is banned and even elderly and sick people will not be able to attend the ceremony.

An FIR will be filed for violation of rules. The Yogi government has released new guidelines for the wedding ceremony on Monday. According to this, outside the Containment Zone, in marriage, religious, political programs, and other group activities, at any one time, 50 percent of the fixed capacity of a closed space such as a hall or room, but up to a maximum of 100 persons will be present.

Face masks, social distancing, thermal scanning, and a sanitizer, and handwash will be mandatory in the programs. Not only this, on open spaces like grounds, etc., people will be allowed to have less than 40 percent capacity of the area of ​​such places. Order to this effect was issued on Monday. There is no restriction on processions, bands, and DJs, etc.