Navratri 2020: Make tasty uttapam by fasting rice, tasty dish for fasting


Along with worshiping the Mother Goddess during the nine days of Navratri, people keep a full nine-day fast. During this time, they leave the grain completely and live on fruit. Which does not include ordinary wheat, rice. In such a situation, there should be something to eat every day that gives energy along with filling the stomach. Also, be sattvic. So you can make uttapam in the fast. These uttapams are not made of semolina but of fasted rice. So let us know the recipe for making uttapam with rice of Saman rice.

Many times during the fast too, one tends to eat peppery and tasty. In such a situation Utpam is a great recipe. But if we make uttapam to be eaten in the fast, then instead of semolina, take rice of Saman or rice eaten in the fast.


To make uttapam, one cup of saman or vrat rice, one teaspoon cumin seeds, green chilies finely chopped, a little finely chopped green coriander, rock salt as per taste

Method of preparation

Soak the Saman or fast rice for two to three hours. After removing it from water, grind it finely in a mixie and make a batter of consistency of dosa. Add cumin seeds, green chilies, coriander leaves, and rock salt to the solution. After heating the pan, pour ghee on it and prepare a small-sized uttapam.

Cover the gas after heating it to medium. When one side sinks well, turn it over. Serve hot after baking well from both sides. You can serve this uttapam with potato vegetable or green chutney. If you want, mix chopped tomatoes and capsicum in uttapam batter.