NAVRATRI 2020: How to make guava halwa in Navratri fast, this is the easiest method


Many people fast for nine days of Navratri, but to maintain health, it is very important to eat fruit beverages, today we are telling you the method of making guava pudding.

Ingredients required: Ripe asafetida 4 -5, one cup sugar, one cup ghee, cashew almonds, 1-liter milk, cardamom powder

Method: First of all keep the milk to boil and allow it to thicken on low flame, when it becomes thick, keep it dug, now place it in a pan for hot water, put guava pieces in boiling water. And keep it covered, when the guava is cooked, remove it from the water and keep it aside. Now make a paste in the mixer and filter this paste.

Now take a cauldron and add desi ghee and roast guava paste in it, when it fry well, add sugar to it and sugar dissolve in it when it is roasted, then add the whole cardamom powder, when it becomes thick and dry Turn off and garnish with cashew almonds