Nailcare tips:-Feet and nails will look very beautiful, just try these tips


Your feet have to bear a lot throughout the day, in which case it is also your responsibility to keep them beautiful. Learn how to do this work.

Although it seems very easy to look after the feet and nails of the feet, most people are left behind to take care of the feet that carry the pressure of our entire body. Our feet go through a lot of problems throughout the day. There is a lot of water, heat, sweat, dirt, weight, injury, running-pressure, etc., which have to withstand the feet, so many times we are unable to pay attention to their beauty.

In such a situation, you need to take care of some tips regarding the maintenance of the feet. These tips can prove to be good for keeping your feet in tip-top condition.

1.Keep the feet dry, if not, there will be stench and infection-

After bathing, we wipe our entire body but do not wipe the soles of the feet, not only this, we leave our feet the same way after wetting them again and again. This is the biggest reason that there is a fungal infection in the feet, the ankles start bursting and the skin is at fault. At the same time, it is also the reason for the smell of feet.

What to do-

  • Try to wear light and airy footwear which is made of natural material.
  • When the feet are wet, wipe them well.

  1. Ingrown nails grow from this mistake that occurs while biting nails.

Everyone knows how to cut nails, but even in this small work, we ignore the very important thing, due to which Ingrown nails grow. Many people do not trim nails the same way. We should keep in mind here that nails always grow the same, if one side of the nail is bigger and smaller than the other side in the same finger, then it will not be good.

What to do-

  • Try to cut the nails straight instead of round, do not make rounds in the corns, whereas most of the ingrown nails are there.
  • Avoid cutting too small as it may cause infection or ingrown nails as the skins under the nail begin to deteriorate.
  • Do not peel the cuticles, cut them finely.

  1. Home Remedy to keep feet nails healthy

You can also use Home Remedy to keep your nails healthy.

What to do-

  • Let the feet sit for 15-20 minutes in lukewarm water and add 1 teaspoon of salt to it.
  • With the help of dental floss, you can clean the edges of your nails and prevent clean edges from getting infected.
  • If there is any injury, then apply banded there. Do not leave the injury to the feet open because there is more dusty soil in it.
  • Keep repeating this process.

2.Always moisturize the feet-

To make the feet look beautiful, it is necessary to keep them moisturized. The feet may have water several times a day and due to dust and mud, their moisturizer can fly quickly.

Yes, you need to take care that you do not apply moisturizer between the toes as it can cause fungus, but the rest of the time keep your feet moisturized so that they look beautiful.

3.Massage of feet is also important-

To keep the health of the feet right, you must massage the feet properly. Even if you cannot get a massage professionally, you can also massage your feet using a round thing like tennis balls, etc. This also leads to foot pain and blood circulation of your feet is also cured.