Nailcare Tips:-Avoid these five mistakes while doing manicure, Nails will look very beautiful


When it comes to manicures, girls start applying nail paint on their nails. However, a manicure is not just about applying nail paint shade of your choice, but it is a complete process. In which you pamper your nails and put the nail paints on the nails in such a way that they do not look sticky. Also, it does not have any adverse effect on your nails. Usually, women like to go to the parlor and get manicured, but now when it is not safe to go to a salon or parlor, then in such a situation you can do a manicure at home. However, while doing a manicure at home, you should avoid some mistakes, as it will spoil the whole look of your manicure. So, in this article today, we are sharing some manicure mistakes with you-

Do not give shape to Nails at the beginning

Many times it happens that while painting the nails, we start applying the nail polish directly. However, this is our biggest mistake. It is important to always shave the nail at the beginning of the manicure and before the nail paint application. Before everything else, cut and shape your nails into the desired shape. Only then you proceed. If you do it in the end, your nail paint is more likely to go bad.

Ignoring cuticles

Usually, while shaving the manicure, we give shape to the nails and after that start applying nail paint directly. However, it is equally important to pay attention to cuticles. If you have noticed while doing manicures in the parlor, then you must have seen that the professionals push the cuticles back first. It is necessary to do this at home. However, you can also cut cuticles. But do this with extreme caution. If you overcut the cuticles, it will not only give you pain but will also increase the risk of infection significantly.

Using metal tools

These days’ girls love to use metal cuticles pusher. While cuticles need to be pushed, you should avoid doing this with a metal pusher. Especially if you are a beginner in doing a manicure. It can damage your nails and give you pain. Instead, use wooden cuticle pushers. It works efficiently without damaging your nails.

Using cotton

Many times it happens that when you apply nail paint, it spreads around the nails. In such a situation, women often resort to cotton to cure it. However, this is one of your Big Manicure Mistakes. Cotton fibers stick to wet nail paint and this ruins your manicured look. Therefore, if the nail paint has spread, then you should allow the nail polish applied to the nails to dry. Apart from this, you can also use Q-Tip to clean it.

Single coat only

Usually, it happens that the shade we see in the bottle of nail paint, that shade is not visible on your nails. But do you know why this happens? Your manicure Mistake is behind it. Some girls wear only a single coat of nail paints, which makes them appear light on the nails. If this happens, it simply means that you need to apply two or three coats to get the desired shade. However, keep in mind that only two or three coats are enough. You do not need to apply four to five coats. Also, whenever you apply one coat, apply another coat only after it has dried completely.

Image Credit-freepik