Nail care Tips:-Before applying nail paint, choose the right shade according to your skin tone


In today's time, women resort to nail paints to enhance the beauty of their hands. Not only this, with the help of different nail paints, she creates many nail art. However, your nail art will look beautiful only if you have chosen the right nail paint shade. These days there are many shades of nail paints of the same color available in the market and in such a situation, choosing the right nail shade can be a bit tricky for you. If you want that there is no mistake in choosing the shade of nail paint, then for this you should first pay attention to the skin tone of your hands. Just as you choose your skin tone from foundation to your other makeup products, similarly, you should also choose the shade of nail paint based on your skin tone. So today in this article we are telling you which skin tone women should apply which nail paint shade-

Olive to medium skin tone

Women of this type of skin tone can incorporate almost all colors in their nail art except gold and rust nail paint colors. Dark burgundy, wine, pink, blue, purple, pink, and nude shades look great on such women. On women with olive skin tone, dark shades of plum, deep red, or wine nail paint always look good and compliment your hands. Like this, pastel blue to intense sky blue color also makes your hands look more young and youthful. At the same time, to get a sweet and feminine look, you can choose colors like coral, peach, and rose pink.

Nail paint shade for tan skin

If you have tan skin, you can choose from several nail paint colors to highlight your hands. For example, the fuchsia color will make your hands very attractive. Similarly, the orange color also complements tan skin. This bold and vibrant color is a must-have for every tan skin tone woman. You can carry this nail paint shade from day to day life to party. Apart from this, red nail paint can also be applied. This is one such nail paint shade that looks very classy and can be easily applied by women of almost every skin tone. If you apply this nail paint shade on tan skin, it will help in highlighting your hands.

Nail paint shade for light skin

Women of light skin tone can do many experiments while applying nail paint. For example, light shades, especially pastels, look great on such skin tones. However, this does not mean that you cannot make dark nail paint shade a part of your nail art. Apart from pink, peach, and pastel shades, you can also give a different look to your hands by applying deep purple and ink blue nail paint.

Image Credit- Freepik