Nail care Tips:-After knowing these reasons, you will also use a top coat


Applying nail paint while doing a manicure is not just a process, but it is an art. If it is not applied properly, then it spoils the look of your nails. Some women think that if they have applied the shade of their choice then their work is done. However, you have to understand that it is very important to apply base and topcoat while applying nail paint. Where applying a base coat makes the nail paint long-lasting and many problems of nails are removed. Similarly, applying a top coat also has many benefits for your nails, which most women are unaware of and that are why they often miss this step. So today in this article, we are telling you about some unmatched benefits of applying base coat while applying nail art or nail paint, after knowing that you will never miss it-

Make Long Lasting

If you have done nail art, then you do not want your nail paint to start removing within a couple of days. But this is often the case with us. Nail paint starts coming off from the top of the nails. On the other hand, if you apply a top coat after applying nail paint, it not only makes the nails look fresh and beautiful, but it also makes your nail paint long-lasting. Because after applying the topcoat, your nail paint gets sealed and due to this it stays like this for a long time.

Make nail art better

Many times it happens that while doing nail art or manicure at home, we make some mistakes. For example, when applying nail paint, dents and lines come up, but if a top coat is applied to the nails, then some of these minor flaws can be hidden.

Speed ​​up the drying process

When we apply nail paint, we want it to dry as soon as possible. However, they often take a long time to dry, and during that time we get restless. Not only this, if any work is done before the nail paint dries, it spoils the entire nail art. It is a good idea to apply a topcoat in this situation as well. There are many types of fast-drying topcoats available in the market. If these are applied to the nails after applying the nail paint, it speeds up the process of drying the nail paint and makes your nails look great in a few seconds.

Add shine to nails

This is also an unmatched advantage of applying a topcoat. We all apply nail paint on the nails so that our nails look very nice and the beauty of our hand's increases. But you also have to understand that only nail paint cannot do this, for this you have to take the help of a topcoat. When topcoat is applied after applying nail paint, it adds a gloss and shine to it and makes them look very smooth.

Encourage nail growth

It may sound strange to you, but applying a top coat after applying nail paint also helps in nail growth. Applying a top coat creates a strong bond between the nails and the polish, which prevents the nails from breaking and thus helps to encourage nail growth.

Easy Paste Nail Art Accessories

Many times when we do nail art, we like to use different types of nail art accessories. But if the nail art accessories are applied directly after applying the nail paint, then there is a fear of spoiling the nail paint. At the same time, after applying the topcoat, it becomes easy to stick the nail art accessories on the nails. In addition, the nail paint also does not spoil.

Image Credit- Freepik