Multani mittens improve skin so know that, May cause health damage


There are many home remedies mentioned for skincare. One of which is Multani Mud Pack. With whose help the glowing skin can be found. But if you use every home remedy without knowing, then be careful. The use of anything without full knowledge of your skin can cause problems many times. So let's know why Multani soil should be used with caution.

Harmful to sensitive skin

People who have sensitive skin and any beauty products can harm them. They should not use Multani mitti. Because it can cause a rash on their face. Also, there is a fear of the skin becoming lifeless.

Damage to dry skin

Multani mitti should not be used for dry skin people. Because it will make the face of dry skin even more dry and lifeless. Applying it to the area around the eyes can increase dryness and damage the skin.

Cold and cough

If someone suffers from cold-cough or if someone gets cold quickly, then he should stay away from Multani soil. Because the soil of Multani soil is cold due to which the problem of cold and cough increases.

Do not use regularly

If you use the Multani mitti face pack every day, then stop it immediately because using it on the face daily can cause wrinkles. Rashes may also occur there. Therefore, it is good to know about the damage caused by Multani mitti before it is used.

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