Mouni Roy posing in a green dress by Climbing on the tree, fans said- Nagin ...


Mouni Roy entertained the audience a lot with the serial Naagin. Along with this, she was also successful in making people fans. Although she often shares her gorgeous pictures on social media. Seeing which the fans also comment fiercely. Mouni, who reached the Maldives for a vacation after a long lockdown, is constantly sharing photos on Instagram. In which his stunning look is captivating the fans.

Actually, Mouni Roy, who arrived in the Maldives on holiday, is sharing pictures from bikini to exciting dressage. In which his looks are very much liked by the fans. Meanwhile, he climbed the tree in a green color dress, then the fans once again called him a serpent.

Mouni Roy is wearing a green color dress to pose in these pictures. On which Leaves theme prints are made in light shades. At the same time, the noodle stripe and V neck in a long dress in Sea Green color are enough to make it perfect. At the same time, Mouni has also kept her makeup in a natural tone. So that the daylight looks absolutely perfect. Pink lips and mascara applying mascara to the eyes are seen grooming the hair.

Mouni is posing on a tree in this beautiful dress. Seeing this, the fans got the character of their serpent serial. And they called it the wishful serpent.

Mouni has shared many photos of her vacation on social media. In which she appeared in a bikini to short dress and gorgeous look. While sitting on a cycle, Mouni also came under the troller's target for giving pictures. Actually, Mauni is posing on a bicycle in a white dress detailing slit dress. Seeing which the fans advised them to wear salwar.