Motion Sickness: Why does vomiting come while travelling? Click here to know the reason


Many people have the problem of vomiting during the journey. At this time it feels like you are not able to enjoy the journey. Along with vomiting or nausea, there are also problems like nervousness and dizziness. This is called motion sickness.

If you are also troubled by this problem, today we have brought this treatment for you. Let's know about this.

Why does vomiting happen in travel?

Vomiting in the journey is called motion sickness. In this case, our brain receives different signals from the inner ear, eyes, and skin. In this, the central nervous system gets confused. During this time you need to take care of some things.

Avoid back seat

If you have a problem of vomiting in the journey, never sit back in the car. The rear seat has a greater sense of speed.

Do not read the book, do not read the book if there is a problem of vomiting during the journey. This gives the wrong message to your brain.

Open the window

You will feel better with fresh air, so open the window of the car window and sit facing outwards.

Do not travel on an empty stomach

Many people believe that if we remain empty stomach then there will be no problem of vomiting. But this is absolutely wrong. Often people who go on a journey without eating anything have more motion sickness.

Do these steps

1. While traveling, keep lemon with you. Smell the lemon whenever you feel like vomiting. This will make your mind fresh.

2. Toast cloves and grind them and keep them in a box. If you feel like vomiting, just take it with a pinch of sugar or black salt and keep sucking.

3. Cut the lemon, lick it by sprinkling black pepper and black salt on it.