Most women want something like this before they can have sex!


Sex is necessary to maintain a good relationship between husband and wife in marital life. Life without sex becomes boring. Sometimes it also becomes a cause of discord. But do you know that during sex, women enjoy more things and they can open up fully with their partners? Today we will tell you what things women feel more pleasure during sex.

According to one study, a better understanding of couples is necessary for better sex life. Women also like having sex after having a happy conversation with their partner.

Women want their husbands or lovers to talk about love before having sex, and during a relationship, men tell how much they love their partner. Women also like the foreplay done by their husbands while having sex. Most women want their partner to foreplay before having sex.

In this study, women have also filed complaints with their partners. Many women said that their partner does not talk after having sex and this is disliked by women. While having sex, women also like to hold hands in bed, love in arms.