Money Plant Vastu Tips: There are many benefits of setting up a money plant at home, but keep these six things in mind


Money Plant Vastu Tips You have often seen people planting money plants at home office or shop. Money plant is a plant with vines, its green color makes the eyes relaxed. Good luck increases by planting this plant.

Money Plant Vastu Tips: You have often seen people planting money plants at home, office, or shop. Money plant is a plant with vines, its green color makes the eyes relaxed. It is believed that good luck increases by planting this plant and wealth and prosperity in the family. Many times the opposite effect is exacerbated after plantation. Money spends more and negativity increases. In this case, the importance of Vastu increases. Money plant should be installed according to Vastu. In Jagaran spirituality, today you are going to tell important things related to the money plant, in which it is important to take care of Vastu as well. Let's know about it.

1. Plant money plant in igneous angle

Whenever you are going to set up a money plant at your home, choose its right direction. Always plant the money plant in the igneous angle ie southeast. Lord Ganesha is the god of ignorance, he removes all obstacles. In this direction, by setting up a money plant, there is an increase in wealth along with happiness, prosperity. There is positive communication in the house.

2. Do not plant money plant in northeast

Never plant a money plant in a northeast direction. Doing this increases its reverse effect. There is a loss of money, doing so can result in financial loss and stress in relationships.

3. Venus is stronger with money plant

Venus is strengthened by applying money to the fiery angel, which symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and opulence in a person's life. The representative of the igneous angle is Shukra. For this reason, it is best to set up a money plant in this direction.

4. Plant money plant indoors

According to Vastu Shastra, the money plant should always be planted indoors. Do not forget it even outside. Planting outside the house can dry the plant due to the negative energy of others.

5. The bigger the vine, the more prosperity.

It is believed that the greener and higher the vine of the money plant goes, the more it is considered to be an innovator. The more it spreads, the more wealth prosperity grows. Take care not to grow its bale downwards. If this happens then the person does not develop.

6. Keep an appropriate plant near the money plant

The money plant is considered a symbol of the planet Venus. Do not keep plants near Venus, the symbol of Venus's enemy planets Sun, Mars, or Moon.


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