Menstrual Myths: If you also make these mistakes during the period, then correct them immediately, know 5 menstrual myths


Women are most uncomfortable during periods. Women have to face problems like irritability, body weakness, abdominal pain, headache, fatigue, and back pain due to hormonal changes. Periods are such a cycle that occurs every month in women, due to which women have many problems from the first to the third day. To get rid of these problems, women are more active. From sanitary napkins to vaginal cleaning, they do various experiments which can spoil their health. Let us know that what are the mistakes women make during their period, which can harm them.

Do you the vagina clean too much?

Water is enough to clean the vagina during periods, but some women use scented soaps, shower gels to clean the vagina during this period, which can damage the skin. You use soap to clean the outer parts of the vagina.

Do you take pain medicines to get rid of stomach pain?

If you use painkillers to get rid of unbearable pain, then this habit of yours is wrong. According to the American National Library of Medicine, pain killers taken during periods eliminate the good bacteria from the body. This can lead to kidney, liver, and heart-related problems in the future. To get rid of period pain, suck 2 cloves and 2 cardamoms in your mouth and you will get relief from pain immediately. You can also do hot water compresses.

Do you use sanitary napkins for hours?

Using sanitary napkins greatly reduces the air circulation in the vagina. In such a situation, by using the same napkin for a long time, bacteria start growing which can cause allergy or infection. Change napkins every three hours.

Do you avoid eating during the period?

During this period, the deficiency of iron in the body increases, due to which weakness is felt in the body. In such a situation, women should consume red meat and dried walnuts in the diet.

Do you avoid exercise during your period?

Exercise can get rid of the problems that occur during the period. But women refrain from exercising during periods. Exercise is very useful for your body during a period. It has been revealed in many types of research that regular exercise helps you get rid of problems during and before period.

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