Men should note, these are the warning signs of lack of sex hormone testosterone in the body


Testosterone's relation to men's sexual development

Testosterone is the main sex hormone found in the body of men that is produced in the testicles and is believed to be responsible for increasing the sex drive in men. But if there is a lack of testosterone level in men, then there are problems like excessive fatigue, hair fall, reduction in libido, mood swings and muscle loss. This hormone is also related to men's sexual development. In such a situation, we are telling you about some of the signs by which you can know whether there is a lack of testosterone in your body too….

Testosterone decreases with aging

उम्र बढ़ने के साथ घटता है टेस्टोस्टेरॉन

According to the Food and Drug Administration FDA, the normal range of testosterone in a man's body should be 300 to 1 thousand nanograms per dl. But when testosterone levels go below 300, then it is seen as testosterone level deficiency. This hormone increases rapidly in adolescence and youth, but then later as the age starts, its level also starts to decrease.

If libido (libido) decreases

​अगर लिबिडो (कामेच्छा) हो जाए कम

Since testosterone plays an important role in men's sperm production and development of sex drive, a reduction in the level of this hormone can completely destroy men's libido. This ends the man's sex drive, that is, the desire to have sex.

When there is a problem in getting an erection

​जब इरेक्शन हासिल करने में हो दिक्कत

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which men find it difficult to gain erections or to keep erections during intercourse. Actually, testosterone hormone releases nitric oxide which triggers erections. If the level of this hormone is reduced, then there is a problem in getting erections during sex.

The size of testicles should be reduced

​टेस्टिकल्स का साइज हो जाए कम

If you feel that the size of your testicles is less than what it usually is, it may be due to a decrease in testosterone levels. Yes, due to lack of testosterone, not only the size of testicles is reduced but the pennis also becomes smaller. So contact the doctor immediately.

Excessive mood swings

​हद से ज्यादा मूड स्विंग्स

If the level of sex hormone testosterone decreases in the body, it can also cause many emotional or emotional problems in the body. A person starts feeling overly upset, stressed out, feeling irritated, anxious and restless. Lack of this hormone also affects the mental health of men and causes excessive mood swings.