Mascara is the most important among Kajrare Nain, know the important things related to it


To make the eyes look beautiful, it is also necessary to decorate her properly with care. If the makeup of the eyes is done correctly on the face, then the whole face starts looking beautiful. Mascara also has an important role in eye make-up. About which women must know. Nowadays, from Katrina Kaif to Shehnaz Gill, she is using mascara with no kajal look to show the natural beauty of eyes. So if you also want to decorate the eyes with mascara instead of mascara then it is important to know these things. So let's learn these five hacks associated with mascara, which help to make the eyelids more beautiful.

Well nowadays, it is a time for fake eyelashes. But you cannot go everywhere with these eyelashes. That is why it is necessary to make the natural lashes such that they look heavy and dense. So that the eyes look beautiful. For this, the mascara wand needs to be clean.

A Mascara wand is a brush with mascara. With the help of which the mascara on the eyelids spreads properly and curls the eyelids. But wash and clean this wand. Because the mascara freezes as a layer over it and when you use it again, it gets applied to the eyelids.

Whenever you remove the mascara to apply, heat it slightly. Heating does not mean heating in the fire. Simply rub the tube of mascara with your palms. By doing this, the warmth of hands ends its hardness. By doing this, the mascara is smoothed and is not able to gather together on the eyelids.

It is also necessary to buy the right mascara. For example, buy volumizing mascara for those who have low eyelids. Curling mascara is fine for small eyelids. Along with this, it is also necessary to use the right shape mascara brush.