Married women should not give their 3 things, the life of Husband will be threatened


After marriage, the lives of women are completely changed, their husbands have a very important place in the life around them, it is said that after marriage, every woman is the first identity, many married women have their habit Suhag shares things with everyone, but how damaging it can be for you, it is said that sharing has a side effect.

1 hand mehndi: Mehndi of hand is a symbol of the sweetness of the henna, for the long life of the husband, the darker the color of the henna, the deeper the love of the husband is if you share mehndi with someone Love will also be divided.

2 Mangrove of Mangal: In the symbol of Suhag, the most important place of the vermilion of Mangal is the right place, you can apply vermilion from any casket and give it to someone to apply vermilion from that box.

3 Hand Worn Bangle: Hand Bangle is considered as a symbol of honey, many times women share their bangles with someone in the course of watching videos, but it is not right for you to do so.