Many good news on Corona vaccine: from American vaccine to Sputnik-V trial in India, know every update


More than 210 countries of the world are in the grip of the corona epidemic. One thing that people all over the world are eagerly waiting for is a safe and effective vaccine from Corona. Russia and China have made the vaccine, while many countries including India, America, and Britain are just a few steps away from the success of the vaccine. Three vaccine candidates are leading in this race in India. At the same time, the latest update from the US is that the vaccine being developed by giant pharma company Pfizer Inc. can be approved next month i.e. November.

The final phase of Russia's first vaccine trial in India may once again begin. Emergency sales of a vaccine called Coronavac have begun in China, while Russia has approved another vaccine. At the same time, the Indian giant Serum Institute has also shown hope that the vaccine may be available for the vaccination campaigns in India by March. Let's know what are the latest updates on the Corona vaccine from across the country and the world:

Many countries of the world, including India, America, Britain, are engaged in developing vaccines. According to the news, Corona has more than 150 candidates, or 'vaccine candidates', in the global race for vaccines, about 10 of which are undergoing final-stage clinical trials. The top contenders of these include American company Pfizer Inc., Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Chinese Synovac vaccine, Russian Sputnik-V, Indian Kovaxin, Zykov-D, etc. Russia and China have approved the vaccines before the third phase of the trial is completed and are also being vaccinated to high-risk groups as part of the emergency approval. Let's know the updated status of top vaccine candidates one by one.

The vaccine in the US by November

Pfizer Inc. of America has announced that it can apply to the US authority for the approval of the vaccine by November. Pfizer is developing the vaccine in collaboration with German company BioNotech. Data on the effect of the vaccine on about 44,000 volunteers involved in clinical trials is unlikely to be available before November. According to Pfizer chief executive Albert Borla, by the third week of November, we will have the final figures and the vaccine will be safe.

How long is the vaccine in India?

The Serum Institute of India (SII), a company producing the corona vaccine being developed by Oxford University and the AstraZeneca company, hopes that if everything goes well and the Indian drug regulator DCGI gets the green signal, the country will be vaccinated by March 2021 will be available. The company's executive director, Dr. Suresh Jadhav, told an English newspaper that two vaccines were undergoing advanced testing. The vaccine may arrive by March.

Dr. Jadhav believes that many companies are working on the vaccine. The corona vaccine will be available in India early next year. Let us know that Kovaxin of India Biotech company and Zykov-D vaccine of Zydus Cadila company in the country is also close to success. Let us know that the final phase of Covexin is going to be tested soon. Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that good news will soon come out on the corona vaccine. The coming few months may prove to be crucial for India.

Russian vaccine trial in India

The large-scale trial of Russia's first Corona vaccine Sputnik-V was stopped by Indian drug regulator DCGI, arguing that there has not been a large-scale vaccine trial on humans in Russia or other countries. According to reports, the regulator had asked for strong figures in this regard. According to a PTI report, sources have reported that the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) has made a recommendation to the regulator to allow it to proceed with the trial.