Mandela Effect : Know what is Mandela Effect? Whose relation is linked to parallel universe


There are so many such mysteries in our universe, from which the veil has not yet been lifted. According to Professor Michio Kaku, the co-founder of string theory, there can be a total of 10 dimensions in this universe. We don't know much about these dimensions because they are far beyond our common sense.

In this episode comes a concept of a parallel universe. According to this theory, like our universe, there are many other universes in this world, which are exactly like us. People like us live in them. Their planetary constellation stars are also like us. That's why they are called parallel universes. The Mandela Effect that we are going to talk about today is also related to this parallel universe. In this connection, today we will learn about the secrets of the Mandela Effect and also find out why it was named after the great President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Many scientists say that when the memories of an event that happened in some other parallel universe come due to some glitch in our universe, it is called Mandela Effect. When this memory of another universe enters ours or any other universe due to a glitch, then its massive effect is seen in the universe. Perhaps the same incident happened in the year 2013 during the death of Nelson Mandela.

Now the question arises that why this mysterious phenomenon was named Mandela Effect? Let us tell you that when Nelson Mandela died in the year 2013. During that time a large number of people said that Mandela had died a long time ago when he was not even the President. People also claimed that during that time they had also seen the funeral of Nelson Mandela's death on TV. This claim was not made by one or two persons but by lakhs of people. After the incident came to the fore, this strange phenomenon was named the Mandela Effect. Many say that perhaps the memories of some other parallel universe were caused by a glitch in our universe. Because of this, millions of people were saying that Nelson Mandela had died in the year 1980 itself.

Did some of the memories of Nelson Mandela's death actually come from another universe in our universe due to some in-universe glitch? Or were many people largely the victim of an illusion? No one knows this even today.

What is Mandela Effect? And how does it work? We have not found any solid evidence for this. This is just a hypothesis. No one has been able to know how much truth there is in this and how much is false. However, from time to time, many people claim incidents related to the Mandela Effect.