Make your career in this field after 12th, salary will be very high


Whichever stream a student has chosen in the intermediate from Arts, Science or Commerce, but everyone is confused about which career to pursue in the field. Not necessarily, you can make a good career only in a science subject. Today we are going to tell you about a career option in history, in which you can also get a high salary.

With keeping the employment in mind in the field of history, many specialization courses like Archives Management, Heritage Management, etc. are being conducted in the country. After doing this type of course, students get the most opportunities as archaeologists.

To make a career in history, students should come forward who are interested in the lost society, civilizations, history, and relics. Students of history subject achieve success by scoring good marks in competitive examinations.

Apart from the Archaeological Survey of India, there are many archaeological institutions in the country and abroad, where jobs are available for the professionals of history in the positions of Director, Researcher, Surveyor and Archaeologist, Assistant Archaeologist, etc.