Make use of torn milk water instead of throwing it!


Due to not heating the milk on time, the milk bursts. That is why some people make paneer when the milk breaks while throwing its water. But these waters are rich in many nutritious properties and can also be used in many other works. Today we will tell you in which ways you can use it.

Add it to the juice and drink the

milk of the broken milk by adding it to the juice. This makes juice even more healthy. Minerals and vitamins of torn milk water will also be found in it.

Add to the vegetable gravy

If you are making any vegetable, then instead of water, add water of cracked milk. This will increase the taste of the vegetable and it will also be healthy.

Can also be added to soup

You can also add chopped milk to the soup. To make the soup even tastier and rich in protein, you can mix and drink it in the soup.

Use to make the dough

You can also use it to make the dough. This will make the prepared flour rotis soft and with nutritious properties.

Beneficial as conditioner

You should wash your hair with chapped milk and then shampoo it in your hair. After that, pour this water on the hair again and leave it for 10 minutes. This will make the hair silky and soft.