Make mascara with almonds, eyes will remain healthy and beautiful


Nowadays it is quite normal to buy mascara from the market. But do you know that our grandmother and grandmother used to make mascara in the house and apply it to the eyes? This mascara not only enhances beauty but also helped in keeping the eyes healthy. At the same time, chemical kajal found in the market nowadays is not good for the health of the eyes. If you want, you can apply mascara at home. It will benefit the eyes.

Make Kajal with Almonds

These things will be needed to make mascara at home - one lamp, mustard oil, two almonds, cotton wick. The method of making kajal is very simple. Just take a lamp and add mustard oil to it.

Then put both almonds and keep the cotton wick in the oil lamp. Burn this wick and leave. Cover the lamp with the help of a plate. Keep in mind that they should not be extinguished. When the lamp burns for some time, the almonds will start burning. Which will start to soot on the plate covered above. Here, soot is your mascara.

Now keep this soot in a clean and clean box with the help of a spoon. Add a few drops of almond oil and mix. Your home-made mascara is ready. Due to almond oil and smoke, it contains a sufficient amount of Vitamin E which will take care of the health of the eyes.

Applying this mascara to the eyes provides coolness. At the same time, it helps in keeping the eyes healthy. There is a tradition of applying kajal to children in our society since ancient times. Applying this mascara made in the home helps in keeping the eyes away from all the troubles as well as staying light.