Lovely 'Suhana' : These pictures of Shahrukh's darling are creating a buzz on the internet, Gauri Khan clicked


People are very interested in the lifestyle of Suhana Khan in Star Kids. Suhana's fan following has also increased a lot in the last few years. She is also active on Instagram and shares her different looks. Fans also like him very much. He also has many friends in Bollywood, who often give reactions to his pictures. Recently, Suhana has shared some pictures in which she is looking very attractive and her style is also amazing. Fans are especially fond of her dressing sense in this look. Another special thing is that behind this picture of Suhana is the hand of her mother Gauri Khan.

The pairing of Suhana Khan and Gauri Khan is in discussion all over Bollywood. Both mother and daughter look great together. Gauri also takes great care of Suhana's looks and outfits. These pictures of Suhana are inspired by the famous look of a model. Fans are reacting fiercely to these beautiful pictures of Suhana, her father Shahrukh Khan has also made a heart-wrenching comment.

It can be seen in the pictures that Suhana is in a very casual look on the beach. These pictures of her have been clicked by mother Gauri Khan. Suhana is seen poolside wearing a white tank top and blue denim shorts. In different poses, Suhana is holding a can of soft drink in her hand and looks different in every photo. The background is also very beautiful.

Along with Suhana, her mother Gauri has also shared these pictures from her Instagram account. Gauri wrote in the caption, "Yes, blue is my favorite color." Commenting on this, Shahrukh writes, 'Whatever color you have taken in the picture, Suhana is in it, which is our favorite color.' On the other hand, Shahrukh writes in the comment on Suhana's post, "Can I pretend that it is you and Kola is just a coincidence ... and still like this photo?"

Suhana Khan's fan following is also tremendous like her father. Suhana has not made her Bollywood debut yet but still, the number of her fans is increasing continuously. She also has many fan pages in the name of Suhana, in which her pictures are shared.

Let us tell you that Shahrukh's beloved Suhana is doing a course in film making and acting in New York these days. She also wants to work in films like her father Shahrukh. Talking about this, Shahrukh had said that it depends on his children what they want to become. They are free to make any career after completing their studies.