lips care tips: try this recipe to get soft and attractive lips


In the desire of getting soft and attractive lips, almost all people use lip balms and creams sold in the market to soften their lips. But they do not make any special difference.

There are many desi remedies mentioned in Ayurveda to make soft lips, the use of which does not cause any side effects. Today we are going to tell you a desi recipe to get soft and attractive lips.

To get soft lips, you should take essential oil made of cardamom and mix it in lip balm or lipstick. Now if you are a male, then apply lip balm on your lips and sleep at night and if you are a woman, then apply lipstick and sleep at night. If you want, you can massage gently by applying only cardamom oil on your lips. By adopting this indigenous recipe, your lips will become soft and attractive within 1 week.