Lips Care: Follow these local tips for soft and beautiful lips! Click here to know


You take complete care of your face and hair, but often forget about your lips in the meantime when they need special care. But let me tell you some home remedies that you can take good care of your lips and can get soft lips.

1. Take light butter before sleeping at night and massage it well by applying it to the lips. Do this every day for a week. If you want, you can use it by mixing light honey with it.

2. If you are also troubled by dark lips, apply almond oil and coconut oil. For this, mix these two equal amounts on the lips before sleeping for a few days. Wash in the morning.

3. Sometimes the edges of the lips become dry and crack. For this, apply milk to this part two to three times a day. In addition, you compress it with ice.

4. Soak three to four rose petals in two tablespoons of milk overnight. Wake up in the morning and mash it into a paste. Now apply it on the lips and scrub it for 5 minutes. Do this every day for a few days.