Lifestyle : Carry Banarasi saree in this way, beauty will increase, it gives stylish look


Sarees are usually worn in India, but when there is a special purpose, Banarasi sarees are very much liked, which work to enhance your beauty with their look. But to get the attractive look it is necessary to carry it properly. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you some tips with the help of which you will look very stylish in Banarasi saree. So let's know about these tips for carrying Banarasi sarees.

Blouse pattern required

While carrying the Banarasi saree, special attention should be paid to the pattern of the blouse. These days, border elbow sleeves, fullsleeve blouses are in trend. You can try border elbow sleeves, fullsleeve blouses.

Experiment with blouse and jewelery

Trench coats, crop tops, shirt blouses, corsets, full sleeve blouses and holter neck blouses with Banarasi sarees also suit quite a lot. You can also experiment with blouses and jewelery to look beautiful and stylish.

Pay attention to earrings and necklace

If you are wearing a Banarasi saree for a wedding ceremony then only wear earrings and necklace. Do not wear heavy and expensive jewelery. Wearing heavy and expensive jewelery can spoil your look.

Do teamup with velvet blouse

The best option is to wear a Banarasi saree for a wedding ceremony in the winter season. You can team up a Banarasi saree with a velvet blouse in winter to stay safe from the cold. In this style, you will look very cute and beautiful.