Ladenge Corona Se: Why lockdown for 21 days? Know the scientific reasoning behind it


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24 announced a 21-day lockdown across the country to prevent the infection of Corona Virus. This lockdown will continue until 14 April. PM Modi has said that it should be considered as a curfew. However, you do not need to bother with such a long lockdown. You will continue to get all the essential services like ration, vegetables, milk, petrol pumps, bank medical stores. During the lockdown announcement, the Prime Minister said that if we do not stay in the house for 21 days, our country will go back 21 years. He said that some people are under the misconception that social distancing is only for the patient. Social distancing is for every citizen, every family.

On the lockdown of 21 days, the first question that must be arising in your mind is, why is it only for 21 days? Why not 14 days or a full month? What can we gain from a 21-day lockdown? So there is a logic of scientists behind this also.

Considering Corona's character, it has been decided to keep the lockdown for 21 days on the advice of doctors and experts.

The coronavirus remains active for 14 days, symptoms start appearing in the patient in 7 days.

You will know who is sick by 14 days (7 April).

If the person who is ill is staying at home then by the next 7 days (14 April) his family's symptoms will also be seen.

That is, if you stay at home till the next 14th, then the risk of getting infected by this virus will be reduced.

Lockdown is the most effective way to prevent coronavirus (Covid-19). All the countries of the world implemented it long ago. According to the WHO, a person infected with this epidemic can reach hundreds of people in just 10 days a week. You can guess that it spreads so fast that it took 67 days for the number of people infected with corona to become 1 lakh. After that, it took just 11 days to reach 2 lakh people. You yourself can guess how fast its speed will be.