Knowledge: Know why different types of lights are lit in airplanes?


The aircraft was invented by the Wright brothers in the year 1903 and touched the heights of the sky. However, some people also say that Shivakar Bapuji Talpade, who lived in Mumbai in 1895, eight years before the Wright brothers, had done this feat, but their achievement was lost somewhere in the pages of history. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts related to airplane lights, which you will be surprised to know about.

Taxi light

In an airplane, it is such a light, which is used in the taxi mode of the ship, running on the ground. The runway is viewed with the help of this light of 150 volts. The pilot burns the taxi light as soon as the plane finds Taxi Clarence. This causes the lights on the runway to shine and helps the pilot see.

Take off light

The plane also has a take-off light along with a taxi light. These lights are much brighter than the taxi lights and are lit only at the time of take-off of the plane.

Runway turn off light

Explain that apart from taxi light and take-off light in the airplane, there is also a different type of light, whose angle is even wider. With the help of this light, the pilots are able to see the runway properly.

Wing scan light

You must be aware that the most sensitive part of an airplane is its wings and it is very important to keep it safe. Lights are installed on the wing for this purpose so that the pilot can clearly understand the entire shape of the ship even in the dark at the time of take-off. While flying among the clouds, pilots are able to see with the help of these lights that there is no snow on the wings.

Anti-collision beacon

These airplane lights are ideal for crew cleaning or maintenance on the ground. These lights of bright orange color are lit with the start of the first engine and are switched off with the last engine shutdown. This is done so that the ground crew can know that the airplane has stopped completely now.

Landing light

When landing an airplane, a landing light is used to look at the sky and the runway cleanly. This white-colored light is used to illuminate the runway where the lighting is low. These lights are sometimes under the wings, sometimes on the outer surface of the wings, and sometimes elsewhere. Not only this, many ships have landing lights in many places.

Navigation light

There are 3 lights for navigation. This light is used to determine the direction of a flying airplane. The light on the pilot flashes in the green light, the red color on the other side, and the light in the tail of the plane give white light. According to the position of these lights, it becomes easy for the pilot of another airplane to understand in which direction the airplane is facing.

High-intensity strobe light

These lights are placed under red and green lights with navigation. The strobe light is very bright. This light is used to make the airplane more homogenous.

Logo light

Every company operating an airplane has its own logo. Logo lights are used to illuminate the same logo. It has two advantages, the first one is to understand which company is flying the airplane and secondly, the company is also promoted like big posters.