Know which health trends can be bad by adopting a doctor


Nowadays we all adopt different health trends to stay fit, but do you know what their disadvantages are? Here you can know about this from the doctor…

Along with exercising to keep ourselves fit, we also pay full attention to diet. You must have heard and may have adopted it, that we lose weight by drinking lemonade in the morning. But Dr. VaralakshmiYanamandra shared a post on her Instagram, stating that drinking lemonade on an empty stomach can cause acidity. There are many such health trends, which we follow daily, but do not know about the harm from them. Dr. Varalakshmi has stated few health trends of Ayurveda and its harms

Empty stomach lemonade

Many people wake up in the morning for weight loss and drink lemonade on an empty stomach. But Dr. Varalakshmi told on Instagram that lemon water can irritate your stomach, cause acidity and damage to teeth. If you want to lose weight, then only wake up in the morning and drink hot water, and do not consume anything else with it. Doctor Varalakshmi told that if hot lemonade suits you, then you should consume it, but doing so for a long time can be harmful.

Raw fruit juice

People drink the juice immediately after exercise to stay fit, but it can cause much harm. Dr. Varalakshmi said that whenever you drink raw fruit juice, there may be a lack of bloating and nutrition. To avoid this, you should steam the fruit and then make juice. If you make raw fruit juice directly, there are more chances of bloating and vomiting.

Fasting or eating at the same time

Keeping fast or eating only once a day can all be effective for weight loss. But Dr. Varalakshmi said that by doing this, the periods are missed, hair starts falling or falling and there is a weakness in the body. Try to do more workouts, instead of staying hungry or fasting for more days. Apart from this, you can consume lemongrass water.

Cold cold drink

To increase the test and stay healthy, we add ice to the smoothie, which is very harmful to health. According to Dr. Varalakshmi, doing so causes abdominal pain and is prone to cold. Try to drink simple smoothies and make smoothies of the same fruits at once. You do not need to mix any other fruit with banana, because according to Ayurveda it increases the risk of diseases.

Do hot yoga

In hot yoga, you have to do yoga in a hot and closed place, due to which the moisture in the body starts decreasing. Dr. Varalakshmi told that you should not do hot yoga, because it causes dehydration in the body and increases headaches. If you want to lose weight, then it would be better to do a workout or simple yoga. According to the doctor, many people adopted the hot yoga trend but its result was only dehydration and headache.

So along with weight loss, keep these things in mind before adopting health trends.

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