Know these things before telling Hall-e-Dil to your crush, there will be no chance of misunderstanding


It is very common for a girl or boy to die in puberty, but the problem comes when you think that what you are thinking or what you are looking for, even the person in front knows. In such a situation, it is very important that you first understand many things, understand them, and then, at the right time, take your point to the front. Sometimes the method goes wrong, then misunderstanding arises. In such a situation, something becomes contrary to what you want. If you want everything to be well organized, know from the next slides what is important to take care of.

Get to know first

Whichever person you like, first get to know him very well. If you do not know him well and will go to say his words, then you may get an answer that you do not expect and your mind gets very upset and the person on the other side also gets irritated with you so try that First, take time slowly and try to know the person in front and then keep your point when the right time comes.

Keep in mind also

Starting any relationship with friendship is a good option but during this time also you have to keep many things in mind. Do not show too much haste in friendship. Give him the personal space of the front. If you start showing too much Yarana suddenly then it is possible that the person in front of you starts getting irritated and running away from you in the beginning, so always try to bring ease in friendship.

Don't expect

When you start to feel that now you have come to know the front, then slowly try to tell what is going on in your mind. Do such things during laughter and jokes so that the front does not get a shock. When everything starts to feel comfortable, then seriously tell yourself one day. While telling the matter, do not have any expectation from the person in front because the person whom you love does not necessarily love you.

Keep the scope on social media

Everyone stays connected on social media, so it is very important that you first see what kind of person is there. If you like too many comments, then you will spoil your own image, so it is very important that you also keep a scope of your own. In the beginning, do not like, comment on every post because it is not good at all. If you like and move forward, then the front will not feel bad at all.