Know from your doctor, which corona patients have a higher risk of heart disease?


Coronavirus is causing all kinds of problems due to mutations. In the second wave of infection, the virus is affecting various parts of the body. Due to this, many types of altered symptoms are also seen in the infected. Experts say that those who are recovering from corona infection are also at risk of long covid. It is also being reported in several studies that corona infection can also affect the heart of patients. Many types of heart-related problems are seen in people even during treatment or after recovering from the corona.

in the discussion held on Friday regarding the corona epidemic, web experts tried to know about this topic. During this time, Om Om Shankar, a cardiologist at IMS BHU, answered all the related questions.

How can the virus affect the heart?

Professor Om Shankar explains that the coronavirus directly affects the heart muscle, causing weakness in the heart and in severe conditions can cause heart failure. Apart from this, the problem of blood clots has also been noticed in some cases of the corona. There are also cases of uncontrolled heart rate in corona infected.

Who is more at risk of heart disease?

Professor Om Shankar explains that due to corona infection, heart problems are being seen in many people who have never had such problems before. Apart from this, heart problems due to corona can be seen in both the young and the elderly.

It is important to pay attention to these factors

Professor Om Shankar explains, "It is clear from several studies that people who have symptoms of corona lasting more than 10 days have been found to be more at risk of having heart problems. In addition, in those people who have had respiratory problems due to severe symptoms of the corona, or who have to be given oxygen, the lungs, as well as the virus, can affect the heart.

Do not be negligent even after corona

Regarding post-corona care, Professor Om Shankar explains that the patient should care for 6 to 8 months. Some doctors also say that those who looked absolutely healthy after recovering from corona have also seen swelling in their heart muscles. In such a situation it is very important to continue to monitor and monitor the symptoms even after recovering from the corona.

Note: This article has been prepared based on a conversation with Professor Om Shankar. Professor Om Shankar is a Cardiologist at IMS BHU and has expertise in curing Cardiovascular diseases.

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